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Fixing Cars & Trucks For Over 25 Years

With the options to choose from you will feel right at home bringing your vehicle to us for service. We have a passion for making engines run smoothly and efficiently. We will not make unnecessary recommendations and will provide you with the options and knowledge you can take to the bank.  

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    Xpert Dent & Auto Repair is a family owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair and maintenance services to the people of Iowa. 

Why Choose Us

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    Experience Skills

    Certifications and Recommendations where it matters. 

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    Xpert PDR and Repairs

    Many to reviews to consider with all being 4 out of 5 to boot

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    Low Cost

    We may not be the cheapest but at least you will know the difference. 

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    Guarantee Services

    Part warranties with workmanship guarantees so that way you can make an educated decision

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    Trusted Work

    with over 5000 hours and many reviews you will be able to feel the trust factor

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    High Quality

    Quality parts with quality workmanship equals xpert auto care and keeps you a returning customer.